Okha La Bukha

Okha La Bukha is a country which has 3 parts. The number 3 and 2 parts are island and the number  1 is a peninsula and the country is in a small area . The capital of Okha La Bukha is in the part 1 . The official language is English. Okha La Bukha is near the America . The population is just a hundred. In the islands there are free Starbucks stations and free wi-fi’s everywhere . There are free ships between islands and there are free planes to anywhere of earth . There aren’t any parties and no king . There are 3 day school for a week. The students can select lessons. For example if they don’t like math they do not have to learn it . You need to come here. Everything is free and everyone is happy. Don’t forget this “Everyone can be Everything here”. (Kerem Gürsoy, Student)


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