Robot Invasion

All we now that technology will develop in the future but the real question is what will robots be in the future ? I have an opinion about a this subject.

I think robots will live and die like human. They will fly, too.They may attack the humans. Robots will discover new planets (How will robots be better than human in astronomy?) The answer of this question is because robots don’t need  oxygen.

When robots change the planet,robots will destroy the earth .And all humans might die. But maybe humans will change the planet like robots. Robot houses will be like a disco ball,the apartments will be like roller coaster. At that time, humans might discover a planet. They might not start buildings. Humans will meet aliens. At this time robots will invent a spacecraft and flying cars.Technology of robots will be more advenced than humans. Robots will destroy the humanity at the end. (Alper Akyüz, Student)


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