Stop Pollution!

Do you know environmental pollution? If you know what do you do about it ? Are you careful about it ? People are very dirty and world’s countrys are very  dirty too. Because people pollute everywhere.

Why do they are pollute the earth? Because when people use their cars, car exhaust emits dangerous gasses. When we use our perfumes they emit gasses too. I have some example too. Firstly factories are not careful because CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere. Secondly when we eat fast food some people throw it on on the road. And my last example when people throw their glass bottles on the ground in the forest, sunlight hits the glass and it’s very bad because it causes forest fire.

How can we stop these bad things. We shouldn’t do these things. For example we should have a shower a lot. We shouldn’t throw our rubbish on the road. On the streets there should be a lot of bin. We should throw this rubbish into the bins. I have these methods but you can find different methods. (Rabia Engin, Student)


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